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Child, Adolescent and Parent Counseling

Children face emotional distress just as adults, and often, this takes a more significant toll on them; they don’t have the proper tools to handle these emotions. This can result in the child acting out in many ways because they don’t know what else to do. At Blue Water Counseling, we offer specialized child, adolescent and parent counseling sessions for those children who are struggling with their emotions, including intense feelings of anger, sadness, and grief.

Happy mother and daughter playing and embracing on the floor

Using Play and Fun to Heal

For therapy to be effective for children, it has to be fun. Children will not stay engaged if they have to sit and talk about their feelings, nor do they have the capacity to speak about their emotions the way an adult would. That’s why we use a type of play therapy that allows children to have fun during each session while also healing, growing, and learning the proper methods to handle their emotions. It’s also essential that therapy for your child be family-based, meaning the parents will have to be involved, too. This will help your entire family grow together.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Child or Adolescent

If your child seems to be dealing with difficult emotions, it’s ok to seek help for them. There are some problems parents are not able to fix directly, but they can find the appropriate professionals to help their children in this time of need. Our child counseling helps children learn to cope and handle their emotions now, so they won’t drag their issues into adulthood where they may become worse. Bringing your child in for therapy is helping to set them up for a lifetime of success. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment for your child.

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