Alternative Healing Services


The Healing Touch


Blue Water Counseling is pleased to introduce Reiki to its vast array of services.  Reiki is a 4,000-year old Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.   It works to balance an individual’s energy system in order to allow the body to naturally heal itself, accelerate the process of healing, and help the body get into relaxation mode.  The recipient lays on a massage table fully clothed while the Reiki practitioner places their hands lightly on or close to the recipient’s body in a series of positions in the effort to channel the universal life force energy through the recipient’s body. 


Benefits of Reiki:

·         Assists in healing all known diseases

·         Creates body and mind relaxation

·         Reduces stress

·         Relieves pain

·         Strengthens the immune system and purifies/eliminates influence of toxins in the body

·         Offers therapy for emotional problems in a gentle (often unconscious) way

·         Increases intuitive awareness and accelerates spiritual growth

·         Complements medical treatments, reduces symptoms/side affects of medications

·         Shortens healing/recovery times




Hypnotic trance is the simple shifting back and forth between the conscious and subconscious mind, a process that occurs 80% of every day naturally.  It is a method of relaxation and unique state of consciousness where the mind is open to post-hypnotic suggestions for relief of symptoms.

                                Conscious Mind (10%) – analyze, think/plan, short-term memory (Beta brain waves)

Subconscious Mind (90%) – long-term memory, emotions, habits/addictions, involuntary bodily functions, creativity, spiritual connection, intuition, relationship choices, developmental stages (Alpha brain waves)


Hypnotherapy is the process of psychotherapy with a client who is in the hypnotic altered state of consciousness to achieve specific goals such as changing targeted behavior, feelings, or attitudes or to explore and work through psychodynamic issues and enhance ego functioning.  Hypnosis helps a client relax in order to lessen resistance and defenses.  The emphasis is on expanding self-knowledge and efficacy. 



Myths About Hypnosis


Myth: Under hypnosis you surrender your free will.

Reality: Hypnosis is a heightened state of concentration and focused attention, therefore you do not lose your personality, free will or personal strength.


Myth: When under, a hypnotherapist controls you.

Reality: It is a voluntary act where the therapist only serves as a guide/facilitator.


Myth: Under hypnosis you lose consciousness or do not remember it.

Reality: You remember everything that occurs while under hypnosis.


Myth: You can put someone under hypnosis without consent.

Reality: Successful hypnosis depends on the willingness of the participant; even with voluntary participation, not everyone can participate in hypnotherapy.



Therapeutic Uses


  • Stress reliever, relaxation and visualization tool
  • Treatment of gastrointestinal and skin disorders (e.g., IBS, colitis, psoriasis, herpes)
  • Pain relief
  • Body-Mind Connections – relief from dis-eases w/possible emotional connections
  • Addictions (e.g. smoking cessation, eating disorders, weight loss)
  • Anxiety/phobias
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Healing from abuse
  • Codependency
  • Birth issues (unresolved/unconscious causing relationship/individual issues)
  • Child therapy
  • Laws of the mind/suggestion, desire for change (e.g., beliefs, prosperity, attraction)



For more information, please contact Dawn Affeldt, Reiki Practitioner at (810) 985-5125 or (248) 650-6130  x143.  Dawn is also a therapist and hypnotherapist with Blue Water Counseling and works in Ft. Gratiot and Rochester Hills.



These are available with cash, check or credit card payment.